Of Abba,
Amidst varied convictions,
Who controls the towers,
Less rationality
Yardstick beyond earthly reasoning.
When the truth not popular,
In your lenses transparency is
No human deserves trust
Safe for nature.
Is it your word promising your presence
Among many?

Of maternal instinct gear,
And cocktails of them…
Adoration like spell bound
Hearts on sale for actions
Moral monsters on lose,
Sneaking modesty in every word
Underneath practiced smiles
Lies morgue of hope…

Of enough sadness for a lifetime.
For grace wasn’t evenly available.
So I sign a pledge,
At the bottom of agony
Plea-bargain for all of them
That were broken and omitted
Willfully and unwillfully
Before they rise like wild tides…

Weigh me on mercy scale
Put me home.
So be it.