They have lived in hell; they are not devils; now they want out.



Camaleonte – Easter Snag

Life on this side so tempting,
Love of life, attachment of it,
shackles thrown on my wrist
disguised in pleasure, smiles.

And them, hound around,
drooling on my oblivion of their
werewolf camouflage pelt,
lances tilt and flash on their backs,
ready to rip off my ribs,
tedious to several of those scars
three, seven, nineteen and on…

Their art, awaken their pleasures;
Then I found a space to fit Him,
in my heart He complained not.
Less burdensome they became,
that voyage to the cross
the presence of meaningfulness
that was only the extremes-
for me and for them
of best and of worst
to rejoice and to torment…

Months Later

It just started.
Sparks in that furnace,
Your ear-smile lit…
With the hope of perpetual fondling.
Scared was a foreign word,
That resounded like echoes
In a hollow abyss
Never inhabited by love.

Infant warmth ignited
Merry and happiness abound
Thoughts of us in decades to come
Planted everlasting glow in my heart.
Would have kept the doctor far.

Months later…
Suddenly chaos erupted
Ego moved closer
Filling the spaces left.
I witnessed danger
Replacing the aurora of perpetual joy…
I shunned me from using those words
Those three golden words
That bonded us together
For they would be meaningless
In the spur of your world.
Because your actions
Never recognised them anymore.
They became extinct.

Love Disdain

I sit down,
With my pen and paper.
It has been a while now…
Thinking of you,
Of all the cherish able moments…
And all I can do is drop back my pen,
Lean on the chair
And stare in the distance.
There I see you,
With the most radiant and
Bright smile that enlightens my day.
So I stand from my seat,
Move closer to you…
You draw away from me.
Smiling as you retreat.
Then you disappear
In the cloud, gone & gone.
So I move back, to my chair, and sit.
I hold my head in my hand and ponder, Through my nostalgic gaze…
The tender touch, the beautiful smile,
The laden gaze, late night talk,
The deep touch and the spasm….
Moments I have cherished,
And loved and miss.
But you are gone,
In mind and body, away from me.
Though I remain with your moments,
Your memory, your affection is with you, While you remain with mine.

Tell Me You Know Too

Free fall into the unknown
For You.
My heart, and relinquish my soul
Best for what life shall bestow
I take a big step into the unknown

Never to look back, for this is true
I wonder what the days will bring,
Never knowing when the phone will ring.
I wait for you to take my heart,
For it seemed from the start.

Tears down my face,
And the scene much clear
Hope in my heart, I wait
Everything miles away
Loneliness right by me

My eyes shut in sleep
Distance keeps us apart
You I hold in my heart
And with sadness I weep

Together we can’t be
Within the stars you I see
Remembering your words I smile
That lessens the miles

In my heart you own a place
Even when you doubt
Promise I be near but out
Till that day you trace
Our hearts belong…

Tell me you know too.

Through The Mirror

I saw her watching me
I blinked, she did
I raised my hand to touch her
My hands went through
Into thy space
I sought her again
Right there looking at me
‘Why then?’ I asked
She never replied

In that mirror
The three of us now
Blinking when we blink
Smiling when we smiled
Frowning when we frowned
I reached for her again
My hand waved through
I smiled, they did
Then I touched the mirror
There she was
Touching me
Holding me where not
I tried to feel her
But I felt me
I turned, she too turned
Confusion overcame me
I touched the mirror again
I touched her
She beckoned, she hushed
Aghast, persistent beckon
I lifted my leg forward
I advanced towards her
She moved back, I pursued
Right before the mirror
That vacuum, felt her grip
Tight and tense
I pulled myself stable
Then stare, long one
Amidst nothing.
I looked up
For the longest time

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