They have lived in hell; they are not devils; now they want out.


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Love, Give Away

They sit in a circle,
their hooves wagging,
gossiping, sipping hatred
Bimbos enjoying.

I called to say I misses you,
‘What did you wanna say?’
My heart sinks three feet low,
How have you been?
‘Unwell, just sick,’
I can’t know more…
She locks me out!

they just sit in a circle,
their eyes wagging,
gossiping, sipping hatred
Bimbos enjoying.

She wont let me in…
And I cant help ‘oh’ moments…
Then in fantasy I scream
‘I am suppose to be your best friend?’
She hurls luck at me.
Refers me to common sense,
censure it, leaves me with hope.

Ah, they still sit in a circle,
their limbs wagging,
gossiping, sipping hatred
Bimbos enjoying.

Now those limits shaken off the mist,
Scared affection
They were there anyway…
Now Sanctioned!

Hell! they will sit in a circle,
their tongues wagging,
gossiping, sipping hatred
Bimbos enjoying.


Is there any justice in the world

“If there is any justice in the world…’’
For the umpteenth time the lyrics and tune of Lemar’s song pounds in my head and heart ever since I started doubting the meaning and existence of justice. I can now comfortably sing the words and sometimes I hum and mumble the verses over and over again and again. I would nostalgically sing the song alongside James Blunt. Like Lemar I would strongly compose a song in solidarity to the fact that earthly justice is in extinct. Those who endorse the essence of Lemar’s song overweigh others who think otherwise. Silence should be golden.
Everyone wants justice but it is so amazing how not everyone would be willing to give the same justice. Treating myself fair and right and doing the same to others is simply justice to me and any other rational being.
It is only human to have self-interest though. To treat yourself fair and right before any other person might to some extent mean having everything in your favor. Otherwise it is injustice. We are comfortable treating others as they treat us, this makes me wonder whether justice is a principle of humanity or a virtue.  In like manner, is Joseph Kony an antonym of virtue?
That legendary teaching that ‘you take my coat and I give you my shirt too’ or ‘you slap my cheek and I turn the other for you to slap again’, distinctively shifts the understanding and knowledge of justice. Why take my shirt in the first place? It isn’t right or fair. And more so, why would I give you my coat after you grab my shirt? Taking my shirt in the first place is not fair. Where is humility hiding?
Again, poverty seems to define every course of justice today. In poverty you are doomed to helplessness and almost believe that justice belong to the wealthy and only exists in those fairy tales. The wealthy too think that justice is one of their rights regardless of its presence or not. Justifying this statement is not any of my intention and could be over and above me.
Today I would comfortably say that wealth overweighs justice. Or they complement each other.  Both go hand in hand and in fact, justice does not survive in poverty, if it does, that is an exception. On the other hand the wealthy and their wealth smoothly sail away in the storm of crime, impunity, corruption… through any convictions into freedom. And this is just justice to them. Their fair skin cannot be in contact with the shackles, the oxygen in the prison is not good for their health…..
Sometimes my wish for survival does not augment my hopes for justice any day. At one point I believed that it’s only in the church and International Criminal Courts where justice is. But how many can reach for it there? I have succumbed to the consolation that, in the next life, where God is the prosecutor, the planner and the judge no doubt about justice.
There is not much justice in the world. It is only human to make justice where it should be, but it’s natural to always take justice.
For whatever course, humanity has got its own way of giving justice. For every action you do there would be a remedy in good turn or bad turn of your life time, so to speak. If you sow you must reap and whatever you sow, you reap. You must pay for the wickedness and or get reward for every good thing you do. How I wish every evil soul would access this.
We are capable of granting ourselves justice in our life time from the products of our invested behavior in life. Like the attribute to Harry S. Truman (1884 – 1972)
U.S. president.
Do your duty, and history will do you justice.

if only wishes were horses…

rain rain come my way

wash down uncertainty off my forehead

will-o-the-whips i cant obey

beaten path meet me ahead

I’ll stab you off my tummy

if i miss? but it’s you i need

in that door you stand a dummy

however, otherwise always needed.

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