They have lived in hell; they are not devils; now they want out.



It Is

Today woman wants
A little less.
Of what man and woman have.
Love, honesty, faithfulness…
All the virtues
On her budget list
With her credit card.

Elegance, beauty, tact, class…
What more would anyone give?
Of sex, romance and cougar clubs,
Ambitions and dreams for self
Not to attract liabilities
In forms of husbands etc…

But the Mr. Right
They in extinct
Challenge, thought, mental stimulation task not their cup of tea
Yokes their dependent luxury,
Baby sitting, suckling and sulking, simple minded,
Lap dance mentality all they call vision Ingredients of future disaster.

They don’t value respect
Can’t earn it
Submissiveness is irrelevant
Their world rejects integrity
They cannot promise trust
Future cannot be in their hands!


Lost Love

And you started getting tired,
a cure was not meant to be…
I put my arms around you,
‘come with me’ I begged
You shoved me off
My tearful eyes watched you,
Saw your jovial shadow go
I remained here
With my promised perpetual affection
Tightly gripped abreast
I could not make you stay

Again and again
I relived each day by us
Your taled, vain love,
Your intended affection…
Broke my heart…
I stood, stared and sighed
Never to look back in a hurry
Waiting for you….
You never came
I now own a broken heart
That understands no tomorrow

One day to find me here
With my eyes closed
When yours open
I don’t long for that day.
It won’t come today.

Taxed Allegiance

I never chose this half-traveled road,
That she, she and she might go
But dawn found me here
Yet to leave my long shadow near.

The night vanished and dawn came
With the sun entrance to shun shame,
They would not let me.

They own the jungle
They pulled me in
So I struggle,
Yet no safety within
As my dream droops over…

Oh the wall,
That won’t let my sun rise
To shine,
My reflection to the dark infant ages,
But that shadow too large, dark, daring
That covers all edges,
Echoing relived, liable nightmares.

‘Drooling at my sweetness of raw honey,
Nibbling my ears, down the spine
Shivering from plural ecstasy
Shattering my functionality into nostalgic fate…
Leaving my heart yearning, pounding to the rhythm of his wild desire
My innocense nipped at the bud!

Tearflow, down tanned cheeks,
scorched by the angry sun
That scourge hope in weeks
Through timed horizons, my limit!

Such dreams must never come true.

Love Take Us Through

Through that lens,
Of pain, of ego
You were wrong!
Upsetting my thought
Love scared away
Prescription before diagnosis
Redefined distance between
Life and death.
Hatred, suspicion and envy
her regular guests
Dined together
Lounged together
Slept together…

Suit my thought, perfect bimbo
Like the rose
She had thorns
Fierce! Sharp! Clawed!
I chose to see the rose
Sweet scent
Glowing colours
For a while, for ever…
But soon,
I forgot the thorns
They said,
It would refine my heart,
into some gem,
I left it with uneven sores.

That ache imflamate…
But love, taking us through.
Then she made me remember,
Those dust on my feet like we nevrr walked together…

One History Time

Sitting in a circle,
With their wooves wagging,
While sipping hatred.

Fast backwards…
After calls!
Miss you and you is like,
‘what did you wanna say?’
Heart sinks three feet low,
How have you been?
‘unwell, just sick, you can’t know more…’
Locked out! Out.
Cant help ‘oh!’ moments… Then in fantasy,
Best friend…!
Hurls luck!
Points towards common sense,
Censured it and leaves…
Then hope.

Ah, now those limits shaken off the mist,
They were there anyway… Sunctioned!

Dawn Into Day

Away from wee morning…

Sentenced ourselves to mandatory thinking
Asking valid questions
‘Where does our present lead us?’

Success came easy in theory
Wishing in comfort
But there were few horses
For the strong
Then we did contest
They prosecuted our ability
Judged our inability
And then we lost; our broken hearts
A chance to spend love.


Thoughts were different yet on course
Had super energy, power
But the language, unspoken.


Our only mission remained
To rise above the scarlet domant Today
That separates hope from ambition
The widow from the orphan
The sun from the shadow
That tide that threatens stability.


Once upon a past
A myth arose from the wild
I was in the cast
Boarded and settled on the rollercoaster
Became a norm in my life
Organized chains of emotions
Then I grew up, was chewed up
Then wasted away… it was AIDS.
In sour contest with comfort
It was way late
I made earnest promise to me
Should another day come
I was tested

It came as a mystery
Tethered within walls of morality
Where, how, when, just how
It was never a choice
It stayed with me…

My denial, a peaceful hideout
Locked me for the longest time
My faith suffered
It was short-lived
I drank my heart out
Hope to find sanity at the bottom of the glass
The temptation strengthened me
I withered and frailed
Then they sought me
To them I became a specimen
I was goldmine
I was an outcast
I was their saviour!
Out of poverty, into fame
Into riches, into publicity
They helped though
Something that raised my CD4 count

My happiness stolen from its cradle
Scent of defeat
The tragedy reminded me
Then I asked God to creat me again
That moment changed me
It cost more than a little
Built hope in me, light in the tunnel
It wasn’t a train…
His love, guarantee to my battered life
To last forever and another day
My God, legit.

Talk God to Your Happiness


Everyone has a desire to be happy. Having happiness that is perpetual, never ending and reliable, remains the only essence of a relationship. Happiness comes from friends and not pleasure. It feels sweet to be loved, to be appreciated and to know the joy that comes with loving. But sometimes you feel the thirst for being loved yet this love can not be satisfied by human friendship which, more often has conditions and limits. This, always trash our happiness.
Deep inside your heart, you thirst for someone to be your friend in all seasons for no reason pegged, to be part of your life moment by moment, day by day till nothing do you part. That friend to whom you feel joined by some invisible web, that friend who will never give a reason for deserting you, that friend who only has unconditional love. While all these desires might be overrated, we then cease to have any hope in human being and avert that hope somewhere else. A place with definite assurance that human friend cannot match. It is with God. 
As with any friend whom you would like to relate to, laugh with, touch, speak to like you would your best friend and thank for being part of your life, so it is with God. There is nothing simpler. We can talk to Him any time, any day, through prayer. However making that prayer is sometimes difficult, so that you might want to ask yourself, ‘what do I say to him?’ Just like your friend, whenever it’s not easy to talk, there could be tension, a problem, that’s creating that barrier between you. Nothing comes easy as talking to the one you love, the one you adore. Even without words you can always be the most comfortable person in your friends’ presence. 
Therefore, why would prayer be that difficult? It is because we do not know how to love, how to let our heart free, to be occupied by our friend, God. To find true friendship with others, we have to let go of our little ego and give it to them, to find their happiness first and that, be our happiness. 
Apparently, when it’s difficult with friends, it will never be easy with God. But God gives us a great gift whenever we are willing to empty our hearts. So that He can fill it with His SPIRIT. The spirit then lives in us and little by little teaches us to love, to give ourselves over and merry in his friendship. This only happens when we are ready to be happy, to let go and let God.

Valid Twin Sensation?


They raided my heart
then left
She smiled, sweet
He caressed, smooth
Their planed moves
Scored high, won
Reason beyond, afar
His exit identical to entrance
Hers nostalgic.

I stood and waited
My kinetic affection to halt
Watched you ungrade my love

I searched her eyes
Met with her emotionless countenance
That placed me between doubt and retreat
The pain not enough
Pain that crucified and ripped off the only affection left
I tired,
To show my perpetual love
Then I got tired,
That affection withered
When my arms still wide apart
Despair squeezed my heart dry
My heart bled tears
And blood of resignation
I turned to walk back
To forget, to shake
Then she called…
And he called…
I trembled, heart race
I turned to glimpes
And there she stood
He stood, smirk
Her open arms, I took her back…

she took me in
to make one last raid
i felt it, its weight
her indifference loud
His gaze on the haha
wronged by life
offended by karma
now paying for what was not
her last love auctioned
Before the late sanity…

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