They have lived in hell; they are not devils; now they want out.



Months Later…

It just started.
Sparks in that furnace,
Your ear-smile lit…
With the hope of perpetual fondling.
Scared was a foreign word,
That resounded like echoes
In a hollow abyss
Never inhabited by love.

Infant warmth ignited
Merry and happiness abound
Thoughts of us in decades to come
Planted everlasting glow in my heart.
Would have kept the doctor far.

Months later…
Suddenly chaos erupted
Ego moved closer
Filling the spaces left.
I witnessed danger
Replacing the aurora of perpetual joy…
I shunned me from using those words
Those three golden words
That bonded us together
For they would be meaningless
In the spur of your world.
Because your actions
Never recognised them anymore.
They became extinct.



That feeling
Was even tempered,
We could be friends
I knew,
She hated me, then
Excitement, the existence
We took a vow of silence.

That ruined my mini happiness
Spoke native language of love
He never understood
He kept another turn
The devil knew him
And I did spot him
From his cronies

He never noticed
He was astonished.

Never expected anything fresh,
I filed the first divorce with fear
Then with his patronage
I cared little, and I got him
He caught feelings
His temper racing
I became complacent
Then comfort followed
Drew up my tinted shades
Crossed my arms, legs too
With a smirk, watched
Then watched, and watched

His attitude became valid
zero seconds for apology.

His only asset, recycled
He advised himself
It was the wrong way
From that distance
I rounded it off
To its nearest response
Indifference came first
Then hatred followed
His mini love could not withstand
That tested his flesh
He couldn’t have trusted
Then I set me free
Closed my arms
Pressed hard my ailing heart
It was artificial affection

I hit my rock bottom.

Then made it easy
Narrated my taled love
He saw it
Claimed it in bronze age myth
I didn’t bark back, I knew
It was between love and fundamental belief.
The former a preference
To be right, to be in love
I expecting to die upon arrival
I survived to tale…


When it badly hurt
my heart twitch at the memory
that pain immeasurable
I shut my eyes
squeeze out that pain
unbearable, it stays
clenched teeth!
tightened jaw bone!
my heart scorched,
that supernatural pain
anybody knows?
Neither I can put down
my heart ailing
despare’s dawn time
the base of my heart
match the blacksmiths
I no longer hold my heart
questions rumble my head
thinking is no more
sleep, now a want,
a luxury without my reach
Left and right,
those eyes glaring
their hands behind them
their lips, at monalisa’s
hail heavens!


I had this written by a sweetheart and of course just as little editing…

Their amalgamated unity means love,
Love intrododeces tolerance besides the classes,
Our differences should not divide us
Together we stand , divided we can fall.

The difference of classes does no harm to unity,
If the poor belongs to poverty…
How long should they wait while manna drops?
Compassion is cosmopolitan.

Picture me in your mother’s womb
The sibling trait bind us…
If not, shall you wash me in mud?
In place of your smile, I frown.

You are full, throw some away,
From your away, we scavange for daily bread.,
I long for your touch of pity, but your earth moved towards Pluto.
Ask me then, how then should I face you?

Togetherness our strength
Love brings two alloys to one.
Then yes, we can is the word
Of many different people and classes.



In that papyrus dhow,

On restless sea, unsettled waves,

Tossing and rolling side to side,

Within defined ecstasy…

The Sire made, from a long scout,

Stickiness on the fish net,

Eventually became a second home.


Expectation above Sea life,

To last beyond another wave,

To love, to treat, to speak,

That which they do…

To pull heavy nets as norms,

Inhabited by beautiful mermaids,

Scented for purpose…

To scavenge passion.


And still back to the shores,

To the sandy bay,

Perpetual fishnet stench,

And long nights prostrate,

Moonlit clear and dark skies,

Spiced with milky baby aroma,

Roaring waves looking for their mermaid-ling,

Nostalgic stare into deep sea…


Yet another morning appreciated

With still scented mermaids again and again,

Till kingdom come.


World AIDS Day

More than three decades ago some scientists confirmed the existence of HIV/AIDS. I would call it a disease, a problem and stigma that has polarized the human race to date. As the world marks the World AIDS Day, every 1st of December, the human race commemorates the events of this day. Every one of us is infected and affected by this pandemonium in one way or another. Either close or too close. You and
I should therefore realize in time that we are part of mankind and as we give to the world so the world is giving back to us.

With the increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS, a number of people are getting involved in this fight against AIDS. The infections have, in a span of time spread across all ages; children, youths, adults and the old. By respecting our culture and embracing a lifestyle that befits our social mores, we can easily define our safety by living within the boundaries of morality. The good news is that over 15 million affected people are embracing medication. This has contained and helped in the minimised spread of this disease.

These people are part of us. They are our children, our family, our friends, our workmates and neighbors. For anyone to overcome this problem, we have to think smart, talk, and share; a problem shared is half solved, so to speak contemporize the weapons to fight this war and let go and let God. I have no doubt about God. I consider myself the noblest work of God, everyone else does. A reason for every human being on the face of earth to encourage, love, care for to receive affection, mind ourselves, our way of life and attitude. For this day, consider yourself one, even if you doubt.

Ghost Infirmity

This stranger I saw then met
Charm and warmth, my arms I let
Many sunny days stranger shared
Of wild friendship I not scared,

My friend I gave my heart
Oh my friend made it hurt
To the jungle my friend flee
Sad and alone again I be.

Stranger, from where did thou come
My heart, my soul you did warm
Thank heavens you help me learn
And my friend from my heart I ban!

Friend, are you devil’s kin?
Your sting I relate to sin,
For now my heart with a hole
I give God to make it whole.

Brain Disk

No one knew we were
Never forgot we were
But blamed education
They could not think
Blamed life,
They failed…
Wishing for linient living
Some milk in the wineskin?
Inheriting devastation
Rock bottom!
Yet on the move
The only way to go – up
Cooler there, they said…

If I became complacent
It wouldn’t give reason for that struggle
They couldn’t carry the tradition
Of conforming to the world
They realized, keyed in beast mode
They dropped the heart and mind of wrong motives
Immersed in the wilderness

Settled back to thinking as a mandatory sentence
Asked themselves
Where does your present lead us?

But those who tuned to that morning dance
Kept dancing lame the noon
No one stopped the music they tired themselves in.
Then they couldn’t stand on the lame legs
It could take them there like a prayer
Their sentimental illusions
Rendered them myopic
Blurred their vision
Killing the reallity left

For the fears of the world were not legit in them
They met on determination streets
Spoke one language
And left together…

It Is

Today woman wants
A little less.
Of what man and woman have.
Love, honesty, faithfulness…
All the virtues
On her budget list
With her credit card.

Elegance, beauty, tact, class…
What more would anyone give?
Of sex, romance and cougar clubs,
Ambitions and dreams for self
Not to attract liabilities
In forms of husbands etc…

But the Mr. Right
They in extinct
Challenge, thought, mental stimulation task not their cup of tea
Yokes their dependent luxury,
Baby sitting, suckling and sulking, simple minded,
Lap dance mentality all they call vision Ingredients of future disaster.

They don’t value respect
Can’t earn it
Submissiveness is irrelevant
Their world rejects integrity
They cannot promise trust
Future cannot be in their hands!

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