They have lived in hell; they are not devils; now they want out.



Ice On The Other End

The valley was deep
The mountain so high
The path ragged…
And the hands, sky away
To grasp me to normalcy
My eyes wandered around
No one in vicinity
Came back to spend perpetual hours
On knees,
begging God please,
For in that state
Bitterness comes easier
And prayer came easiest,
Where I landed.
Within His valid promise.


Hurt Frosted

A smile so wide,
Ear to ear divide,
Exposing a heart,
That’s pained but,
Frosted hurt inside.

Aye, flout them,
Scorn, scoff them,
Who tear apart,
The beauty of art,
Frosted hurt inside.

Spread your love,
Shower them like a dove,
Build them a fortress,
Your heart they possess,
Frosted hurt inside.

Then come, flounder,
Your life and wander,
Their words serrated,
Halts every dated
Frosted hurt inside.

Kick them out,
When they shout,
Drench their manners in water,
With spittle, them spatter,
Frosted hurt outside!


They came from under the rock
Their love sense impaired
Their heart copper made
It never broke
They would mould it back
And smith it to shape

Insanity settling in their brain
Their madness staring at our secrets.

I trippled over
But didn’t fall
The load was too large
And the weight too much
It was ours

Those forces that came
Too much for me
We could
All the while
I wanted to look back
I did not, I thought us
Hoped for tomorrow
It was ours.

You listened to them
So much you feared us
Too much you mind them
So much and I waited
And hoped
For you promised this love
It would be ours.

Months Later

It just started.
Sparks in that furnace,
Your ear-smile lit…
With the hope of perpetual fondling.
Scared was a foreign word,
That resounded like echoes
In a hollow abyss
Never inhabited by love.

Infant warmth ignited
Merry and happiness abound
Thoughts of us in decades to come
Planted everlasting glow in my heart.
Would have kept the doctor far.

Months later…
Suddenly chaos erupted
Ego moved closer
Filling the spaces left.
I witnessed danger
Replacing the aurora of perpetual joy…
I shunned me from using those words
Those three golden words
That bonded us together
For they would be meaningless
In the spur of your world.
Because your actions
Never recognised them anymore.
They became extinct.

Wish You Back

When you left,
This calmness in my heart
Told that wherever whenever
I’ll wish you back.

I wish I could see beyond
Just to make sure you are alright.
But with faith, and hope,
I’ll wish you back.

I long to depart now.
How different are you from Lazarus?
Whatever I go through here for Jesus
I’ll still wish you back.

It will be sweeter there…
Just now to meet my Lord.
If I don’t, Lord teach me selfless love
I’ll always wish you back.

I want to be honest,
To sing, that You are the truth,
The way and life.
Just like she did.

Oh God, send Jesus back,
Make tomorrow judgement day.
I don’t want to sin anymore.
Walk in your light this 2017.

Love Disdain

I sit down,
With my pen and paper.
It has been a while now…
Thinking of you,
Of all the cherish able moments…
And all I can do is drop back my pen,
Lean on the chair
And stare in the distance.
There I see you,
With the most radiant and
Bright smile that enlightens my day.
So I stand from my seat,
Move closer to you…
You draw away from me.
Smiling as you retreat.
Then you disappear
In the cloud, gone & gone.
So I move back, to my chair, and sit.
I hold my head in my hand and ponder, Through my nostalgic gaze…
The tender touch, the beautiful smile,
The laden gaze, late night talk,
The deep touch and the spasm….
Moments I have cherished,
And loved and miss.
But you are gone,
In mind and body, away from me.
Though I remain with your moments,
Your memory, your affection is with you, While you remain with mine.


At the door step she stood,
Begging to come in,
‘It’s winter out here, ‘ she said.
‘I belong in there,’
The door ajar, my arms too,
She came in, stayed in,
Warmed her seat, packed it, left…

Passion freely salsa with loath,
Within known territory they made
Of Love shrouded by mystery of existence
Sour attitude up their sleeves,
Revenge, dish best served cold!
It was the only way…
I’ll wait longer than the intended,

Irregular Amulet

Picture 152

With blurred vision staring the ceiling,
I lay down supine on my pillow,
This pill too bitter to swallow,
Warm tears moping my cheeks down,
Hoping that in them I wouldn’t drown,
But it’s too much this painful feeling.

A million questions running in my mind,
To figure out why the heavens so right,
The nurtured apple plucked at night,
Left for the unknown,  yet waiting,
For their right time of harvesting,
And joy now from her I can not find.

I sought her and she was there,
She knew it all yet she did not,
Kissed it off and made me hot,
Passion soaring high deep in the sky,
Conscience questioning me why,
Her species, a kind so rare.

Dancing and captive in her fantasy,
Sharing, enduring and declaring attention,
Charmed,  subdued in her affection,
Thousands of miles astray and away,
Translucent interest each and every day,
Isn’t a thing attached to literacy.


The morning is pure
The sun very virgin
Spreading her rays to all cares
In every background and backdrops
Emotions running high
Sending me to places I can handle not
Ecstacy so powerful
Anarchy it’s only for ruin
Happiness and joy in measures
In receipt of sheer emotions
Gasping for survival in territories they know not,

But she got the gun
That scared them off
They turned to me in oblivion
Because I raised the backdrop high
That concealed all that was,
Yet I got the bullets, six rounds
But they still stole

Her pride too high,
Mine on the tow
Of course we didn’t know
We had the essentials
That could only operate as one.
So we lost.
It wouldn’t help them either,
But we lost.

Ghost Infirmity

This stranger I saw then met
Charm and warmth, my arms I let
Many sunny days stranger shared
Of wild friendship I not scared,

My friend I gave my heart
Oh my friend made it hurt
To the jungle my friend flee
Sad and alone again I be.

Stranger, from where did thou come
My heart, my soul you did warm
Thank heavens you help me learn
And my friend from my heart I ban!

Friend, are you devil’s kin?
Your sting I relate to sin,
For now my heart with a hole
I give God to make it whole.

It’s All About Love

I trippled over
But didn’t fall
The load was too large
And the weight too much
It was ours

Those forces that came
Too much for me
We could
All the while
I wanted to look back
I did not, I thought us
Hoped for tomorrow
It was ours.

You listened to them
So much you feared us
Too much you mind them
So much and I waited
And hoped
For you promised this love
It would be ours.

It’s Time

Do not cry over spilt milk,
It can always be bought,
Another from the dairy:
A litre, a gallon, an eternity….
But cry for the endless affection
Lost at the brink…
Cry to relive each minute
To wish for the unseen
To build unimagined hope
To live in endless faith
That our time shall be
For the eternal reunion….

But when she gone first
That finality!
Gnashing away the banked happiness
I can’t compare…
This’ it;
Wished the thought out,
It would never go……

She was growing weary,
Tired and lonliness her company
She wailed
In her own world
Despared and fatigued
Gnawing away her life
Investment of happiness

Cure not meant to be
Just hope for healing
Then God came unnoticed
Wrapped her tightly
In His arms engulfed
whispered, ‘Come with me…’
With teary eyes,
Stared at her reflection
Her super golden heart jammed…!

I watched her slip away
From arms I secured her
From the firm grasp gone limp
You never ready for the voyage
She never told time was up
But she left…

That deep love
Still could not hold you hostage
In my midst
God, He booked you in…

Those hardworking hands at rest
Generous heart in recess
Unbiased love gone
Relentless faith
Perpetual determination no more
Selfless strength at halt…

Not just yet
We didn’t finish
We never would
There was no date set
No announcement
No trumpets sounded
No preparation made
No rehearsals
No new decor
No guest list
No handshake
No nothing,
No everything….

Did God break our hearts?
Is she in a better place?
Will I see her there too?
When is that?
Am I good to go too?

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