They have lived in hell; they are not devils; now they want out.



Months Later

It just started.
Sparks in that furnace,
Your ear-smile lit…
With the hope of perpetual fondling.
Scared was a foreign word,
That resounded like echoes
In a hollow abyss
Never inhabited by love.

Infant warmth ignited
Merry and happiness abound
Thoughts of us in decades to come
Planted everlasting glow in my heart.
Would have kept the doctor far.

Months later…
Suddenly chaos erupted
Ego moved closer
Filling the spaces left.
I witnessed danger
Replacing the aurora of perpetual joy…
I shunned me from using those words
Those three golden words
That bonded us together
For they would be meaningless
In the spur of your world.
Because your actions
Never recognised them anymore.
They became extinct.


Frosted Hurt

A smile so wide,
Ear to ear divide,
Exposing a heart,
That’s pained but,
Frosted hurt inside.

Aye, flout them,
Scorn, scoff them,
Who tear apart,
The beauty of art,
Frosted hurt inside.

Spread your love,
Shower them like a dove,
Build them a fortress,
Your heart they possess,
Frosted hurt inside.

Then come, flounder,
Your life and wander,
Their words serrated,
Halts every dated
Frosted hurt inside.

Kick them out,
When they shout,
Drench their manners in water,
With spittle, them spatter,
Frosted hurt outside!

Lifetime Lesson

Like the roof had descended,
Chamber so humid
Squeezing my fatigued being
Onto the floors of that cul-de-sac
Breathing bitterness, resent, loathe… another task
But the judge
Ready to consign
Catharses of my mind and heart
To comfort, security, satisfaction, justice!
Freedom from doubt,
Desire for future good.

When she hit the gavel
Like brass on oak!
So hard, with her strength, attitude, feelings…
It let loose!
From its handle, rolling down
Into his dock at his feet
It could be the last bang on his
And his detested tribe!

But it was his stare
That came sharp, down my breast,
Descending to my navel
Beneath my bolero,
Protuberant cask,
Holding my untamed jewel,
In four moons
Down to invisible camel toe
His gaze rested,
Fertilised by lust, malevolence…
His sleek smile contorting his face
Displaying devilish relics
Beckoning nostalgic deja vu
His hands, within the cage of manacles
Twitching, horny,
Longing for another illicit grab,
Oblivious of his sentence
Of the agape atmosphere
Of the judges iron stare
Her roaring sentence filled the chamber
Guiding and directions to drought
And damnation,
And doom…
Lifetime lesson.

I walk out of that consignment
Into the sunny bright streets
Caressing my caged wild fruit
Bitter-sweet memory
With an assurance and reassurance
That the litter thrown in the bin
That a new day has come,
Hope then faith…
Always love.

Where Will You Spend Eternity?

Where Will You Spend Eternity!

Eternity, eternity:
Endless future of every soul,
Great future of two ends apart, Which us divides, some to sorrow, The depth mortal man can’t convey; Others bliss indescribable!

O grace for grace now to avail;
Not to quench with ways terrible, Whilst here it is our lives to bless.
For soon, it no more here will be! What thought! Never now be thoughtless.
Great grace folk to get whilst hearts throb!
For men soon two clutches shall split;
As saints and sinners then severed.

First to God’s Right the saints to meet,
Sinners His dreadful Left covered. This at the Great White Throne Judgment;
When the Lord this Throne has seated,
The verdict mete as due payment, Men reaping what on earth planted: Some eternal bliss ascending

For grace hearkened unto and grabbed;
Many endless doom descending
Now, not for sin, but grace snubbed!
Which ascension Christ typifies
When He to Heaven ascended;
Descent Satan personifies
When he was to earth cast or hurled.

Further hurled shall he be soonest,
And to the Lake of Fire, that is;
In jail eternal and fiercest:
All Satan’s and spirits that’re his!
But with men sadly now to share:
Flesh and blood, who their God forsook;
Doom to ever know and no cheers,
Though for them not to dwell or look!

O for these fiery flames to dwell
Who grace shun, sin clung to as fools!
Their torment’s account; who can tell?
Whilst breathe we have, O this to mull:
Where will you eternity spend?
Up yon with the Father in bliss,
Or with the devil’s inferno…

By Eferovo Igho

She… Mother

She is strong, she is weak
She is vulnerable, she has tears too,
She is happy always, sometimes freaks out,
She won’t cry, but smile, she perfects,
She must be there, she is never idle,
She tends to erands here, erands there…

The world respects her, that which despises her,
Her happiness in installments, shows it when necessary,
She does not mind hunger, if for her loved ones,
No sleep knows her eyes, no rest settles on her back,
Her children must be warm, she orchestrates happiness,

She is packed in browns and in blacks,
In blues and in whites,
She will not resign, she must not rest,
She is always there, she is the best,
She makes my day bright, she is a mother,
Builds her nest in sunshine and in storm,
Overcomes the summer, survives through winter,
To be there for us, for her own,

She is never ill, she never lay to rest,
When she does, she is dying,
Embraces the day amidst her weakness,
Carry on in the turmoil and toils
Her brightest displayed,
Her smile eminent,
Her cheer generous,
While in the inside…
she cries, wails, she hurts
she is weak, she breaks
she reaches for love
pants for happiness,
deficient of joy
She is irreplacable!

She never acts inadequate,
Complacent in her situation
Yet she lacks,
She is the sister, the daughter, the wife…
When she is the mother
She goes on and on…

One History Time

Sitting in a circle,
With their wooves wagging,
While sipping hatred.

Fast backwards…
After calls!
Miss you and you is like,
‘what did you wanna say?’
Heart sinks three feet low,
How have you been?
‘unwell, just sick, you can’t know more…’
Locked out! Out.
Cant help ‘oh!’ moments… Then in fantasy,
Best friend…!
Hurls luck!
Points towards common sense,
Censured it and leaves…
Then hope.

Ah, now those limits shaken off the mist,
They were there anyway… Sunctioned!

Love, Give Away

They sit in a circle,
their hooves wagging,
gossiping, sipping hatred
Bimbos enjoying.

I called to say I misses you,
‘What did you wanna say?’
My heart sinks three feet low,
How have you been?
‘Unwell, just sick,’
I can’t know more…
She locks me out!

they just sit in a circle,
their eyes wagging,
gossiping, sipping hatred
Bimbos enjoying.

She wont let me in…
And I cant help ‘oh’ moments…
Then in fantasy I scream
‘I am suppose to be your best friend?’
She hurls luck at me.
Refers me to common sense,
censure it, leaves me with hope.

Ah, they still sit in a circle,
their limbs wagging,
gossiping, sipping hatred
Bimbos enjoying.

Now those limits shaken off the mist,
Scared affection
They were there anyway…
Now Sanctioned!

Hell! they will sit in a circle,
their tongues wagging,
gossiping, sipping hatred
Bimbos enjoying.

Half Death

I stumbled at passions door
A welcome door mat smiled
The sil shined heaven
Spiced by stars, divine linings
All loud and eminent
Like the fairest clone of Gabriel,
Refined, seasoned
I was already hooked, glued
The darkest secret fell
Hindering my motion
Cloudy snows blur the eye of my heart
Still that love hit me to the core
Giving away just best me
Like a mat woven
Like possessing secrets against each other
Lo, hatred stalked us
And joined her league
On the thread hang she let me
Conscience pegged,
Every meaning meant…
Taps ran dry
In passion and taste
Affection persecuted, hanged
Left for death
Shone over comfort zone
Temperature nolonger cool
Spinning, pepper, roller coaster,
She stared.

Self righteous by law, by faith!
Lasting infatuation!
Then I pushed the door ajar
Groomed grave yard
Identical epitaphs, she gone.
She had another song
Sang and left I sugared me,
Then swallowed pride,
tn[6]Chocked to death!

Not Yet Tomorrow?


Dawn time
it’s cock clock
I’m up, to contest with Today
My bed so magnetic
Draining my will
Yet up, I must anyway…

I stretch to loosen my muscles
Ready for the dance
From a chip in my wall
Penetrates friendly golden ray
I step out
To witness the sun make a grand entrance
I watch, from a distance
There comes tomorrow
Its aroma lynching my insight
Energizing my dream
Yet, it’s just today….

They warned, it bright
not fit for my tender eyes
that my amature mind
would not handle
They fed me that.
I asked when – not yet, tomorrow
Then idly wait for their time
They were there before
Yet, they never shy to say…

My shadow grow shorter
My thirst increasing,
The sun is overhead, heating up
Anxiety diluting their advice – wait
My energy spent
Yet unaccounted in every way….

I waited too long,
Today well gone
They deceived me, it was no good
The dew dried at my feet
The heat caught up with me
No energy left, strength withered
Hope sluggishlly trailed
Determination drained
Yet, tomorrow a thought away….

Tomorrow came fast
Hardly noticed
I went down with the sun
It to the horizon
And I to the rock bottom
That, inflated my will
To move fast, up, the only way….

But those who tuned to that morning dance
Kept dancing lame
The morning away…

Four Figure Love


Like the dew on grass that has its time,
So is love
Like the weaver birds
Morning gay dance
Tweeting away their affection
So is love
Like southern wind that caresses the morning lillies
So is love
Like the toddlers peck on the cats furry cheeks
So is love
Like mama’s tits that the baby believes in
So is love
Like the sea breeze
Gently swaying away the blue waters
So is love
Like the amber rays of the sun in early evening cutting through the horizon
So is love
Like the smooth dough
Ready for a nuptial cake
So is love
Like the visible mountain whose peak hugs the clouds
So is love
Like the tender lettuce awaiting harvest
So is love
Like uncertain tomorrow with ifs yet comes
So is love
Like the rose whose fierce thorns claw below its sweet petals
So is love…
Smooth, fine, spins you round and round
Like a lift, then roller coaster,  nauseatic…!
Then with a bang!
Slamps you down!

Love Then; Now Love


I trippled over
But didn’t fall
The load was too large
And the weight too much
It was ours

Those forces that came
Too much for me
We could
All the while
I wanted to look back
I did not, I thought us
Hoped for tomorrow
It was ours.

You listened to them
So much you feared us
Too much you mind them
So much and I waited
And hoped
For you promised this love
It would be ours.

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Love Marriage Sex

If you had to rearrange these words in some order that pleases you, then most of us would put sex first then may be marriage and love last. It is easier much to say this than do. Fundamentally, it is always true that love comes first, then marriage and lastly sex! But how do you decide which one comes first? Are there norms that you rely on or is it just a personal desire that as to be your way? The order might vary from one culture to another, however the basis of all the three rely on individuals belief.
In the contemporary world, marriage often comes last of all. The genesis of all these being love. Love is often used to mean many different things; liking someone or something, affection, friendship, self-sacrficing (agape)…. But all these are different from that love we always refer to when we say we have ‘fallen in love’. This love is irrational. It is love that does not rely on anything, it is unconditional. It displays some form of maturity, puts the other person first and treats them with care and respect. Such love would invite deep emotional feelings that goes beyond physical pleasures. It is progressive, has intense level of arousal and commitment. Only at this point do we always talk of genuine marriage that lasts. When two people love each other, sex is the only way they become one and this must only exist within marriage. When two people want to express their love in daily life with social approval and support, they get married. Sex then becomes legal and easier for them; it shows love.
What does the bible teach about sex, love and marriage? First we must know that sex is only happens between a husbamd and a wife therefore it comes after marriage.
In the world of marriage today there is sex inside and outside marriage. The norms have become too liberal and face challenges from victims who are barely in their youth. Why is it not easy to find a virgin at marriage? The society is too lean and is watching from a distance these know it all teens who do not care about the norms. We now belong to a society that loses its morals and then waits for karma to act. Whatever happened to the moral coaching within families on acceptable societal behaviour? We got to get on toes, set things right and look upon the holy books as our personal constitutions to shape our lives and those of the generations to come. Procede.

Ref. Deutronomy 5:18, 22: 12-21, Pro 7: 6-27, Mat 5: 27-28, Rom 1:26-27 Gen 2: 18-24, Mat 19: 3-6;

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