They have lived in hell; they are not devils; now they want out.


Dec 2015


The morning is pure
The sun very virgin
Spreading her rays to all cares
In every background and backdrops
Emotions running high
Sending me to places I can handle not
Ecstacy so powerful
Anarchy it’s only for ruin
Happiness and joy in measures
In receipt of sheer emotions
Gasping for survival in territories they know not,

But she got the gun
That scared them off
They turned to me in oblivion
Because I raised the backdrop high
That concealed all that was,
Yet I got the bullets, six rounds
But they still stole

Her pride too high,
Mine on the tow
Of course we didn’t know
We had the essentials
That could only operate as one.
So we lost.
It wouldn’t help them either,
But we lost.

World AIDS Day

More than three decades ago some scientists confirmed the existence of HIV/AIDS. I would call it a disease, a problem and stigma that has polarized the human race to date. As the world marks the World AIDS Day, every 1st of December, the human race commemorates the events of this day. Every one of us is infected and affected by this pandemonium in one way or another. Either close or too close. You and
I should therefore realize in time that we are part of mankind and as we give to the world so the world is giving back to us.

With the increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS, a number of people are getting involved in this fight against AIDS. The infections have, in a span of time spread across all ages; children, youths, adults and the old. By respecting our culture and embracing a lifestyle that befits our social mores, we can easily define our safety by living within the boundaries of morality. The good news is that over 15 million affected people are embracing medication. This has contained and helped in the minimised spread of this disease.

These people are part of us. They are our children, our family, our friends, our workmates and neighbors. For anyone to overcome this problem, we have to think smart, talk, and share; a problem shared is half solved, so to speak contemporize the weapons to fight this war and let go and let God. I have no doubt about God. I consider myself the noblest work of God, everyone else does. A reason for every human being on the face of earth to encourage, love, care for to receive affection, mind ourselves, our way of life and attitude. For this day, consider yourself one, even if you doubt.

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