No one knew we were
Never forgot we were
But blamed education
They could not think
Blamed life,
They failed…
Wishing for linient living
Some milk in the wineskin?
Inheriting devastation
Rock bottom!
Yet on the move
The only way to go – up
Cooler there, they said…

If I became complacent
It wouldn’t give reason for that struggle
They couldn’t carry the tradition
Of conforming to the world
They realized, keyed in beast mode
They dropped the heart and mind of wrong motives
Immersed in the wilderness

Settled back to thinking as a mandatory sentence
Asked themselves
Where does your present lead us?

But those who tuned to that morning dance
Kept dancing lame the noon
No one stopped the music they tired themselves in.
Then they couldn’t stand on the lame legs
It could take them there like a prayer
Their sentimental illusions
Rendered them myopic
Blurred their vision
Killing the reallity left

For the fears of the world were not legit in them
They met on determination streets
Spoke one language
And left together…