Do not cry over spilt milk,
It can always be bought,
Another from the dairy:
A litre, a gallon, an eternity….
But cry for the endless affection
Lost at the brink…
Cry to relive each minute
To wish for the unseen
To build unimagined hope
To live in endless faith
That our time shall be
For the eternal reunion….

But when she gone first
That finality!
Gnashing away the banked happiness
I can’t compare…
This’ it;
Wished the thought out,
It would never go……

She was growing weary,
Tired and lonliness her company
She wailed
In her own world
Despared and fatigued
Gnawing away her life
Investment of happiness

Cure not meant to be
Just hope for healing
Then God came unnoticed
Wrapped her tightly
In His arms engulfed
whispered, ‘Come with me…’
With teary eyes,
Stared at her reflection
Her super golden heart jammed…!

I watched her slip away
From arms I secured her
From the firm grasp gone limp
You never ready for the voyage
She never told time was up
But she left…

That deep love
Still could not hold you hostage
In my midst
God, He booked you in…

Those hardworking hands at rest
Generous heart in recess
Unbiased love gone
Relentless faith
Perpetual determination no more
Selfless strength at halt…

Not just yet
We didn’t finish
We never would
There was no date set
No announcement
No trumpets sounded
No preparation made
No rehearsals
No new decor
No guest list
No handshake
No nothing,
No everything….

Did God break our hearts?
Is she in a better place?
Will I see her there too?
When is that?
Am I good to go too?