Where Will You Spend Eternity!

Eternity, eternity:
Endless future of every soul,
Great future of two ends apart, Which us divides, some to sorrow, The depth mortal man can’t convey; Others bliss indescribable!

O grace for grace now to avail;
Not to quench with ways terrible, Whilst here it is our lives to bless.
For soon, it no more here will be! What thought! Never now be thoughtless.
Great grace folk to get whilst hearts throb!
For men soon two clutches shall split;
As saints and sinners then severed.

First to God’s Right the saints to meet,
Sinners His dreadful Left covered. This at the Great White Throne Judgment;
When the Lord this Throne has seated,
The verdict mete as due payment, Men reaping what on earth planted: Some eternal bliss ascending

For grace hearkened unto and grabbed;
Many endless doom descending
Now, not for sin, but grace snubbed!
Which ascension Christ typifies
When He to Heaven ascended;
Descent Satan personifies
When he was to earth cast or hurled.

Further hurled shall he be soonest,
And to the Lake of Fire, that is;
In jail eternal and fiercest:
All Satan’s and spirits that’re his!
But with men sadly now to share:
Flesh and blood, who their God forsook;
Doom to ever know and no cheers,
Though for them not to dwell or look!

O for these fiery flames to dwell
Who grace shun, sin clung to as fools!
Their torment’s account; who can tell?
Whilst breathe we have, O this to mull:
Where will you eternity spend?
Up yon with the Father in bliss,
Or with the devil’s inferno…

By Eferovo Igho