I never chose this half-traveled road,
That she, she and she might go
But dawn found me here
Yet to leave my long shadow near.

The night vanished and dawn came
With the sun entrance to shun shame,
They would not let me.

They own the jungle
They pulled me in
So I struggle,
Yet no safety within
As my dream droops over…

Oh the wall,
That won’t let my sun rise
To shine,
My reflection to the dark infant ages,
But that shadow too large, dark, daring
That covers all edges,
Echoing relived, liable nightmares.

‘Drooling at my sweetness of raw honey,
Nibbling my ears, down the spine
Shivering from plural ecstasy
Shattering my functionality into nostalgic fate…
Leaving my heart yearning, pounding to the rhythm of his wild desire
My innocense nipped at the bud!

Tearflow, down tanned cheeks,
scorched by the angry sun
That scourge hope in weeks
Through timed horizons, my limit!

Such dreams must never come true.