She is strong, she is weak
She is vulnerable, she has tears too,
She is happy always, sometimes freaks out,
She won’t cry, but smile, she perfects,
She must be there, she is never idle,
She tends to erands here, erands there…

The world respects her, that which despises her,
Her happiness in installments, shows it when necessary,
She does not mind hunger, if for her loved ones,
No sleep knows her eyes, no rest settles on her back,
Her children must be warm, she orchestrates happiness,

She is packed in browns and in blacks,
In blues and in whites,
She will not resign, she must not rest,
She is always there, she is the best,
She makes my day bright, she is a mother,
Builds her nest in sunshine and in storm,
Overcomes the summer, survives through winter,
To be there for us, for her own,

She is never ill, she never lay to rest,
When she does, she is dying,
Embraces the day amidst her weakness,
Carry on in the turmoil and toils
Her brightest displayed,
Her smile eminent,
Her cheer generous,
While in the inside…
she cries, wails, she hurts
she is weak, she breaks
she reaches for love
pants for happiness,
deficient of joy
She is irreplacable!

She never acts inadequate,
Complacent in her situation
Yet she lacks,
She is the sister, the daughter, the wife…
When she is the mother
She goes on and on…