I stumbled at passions door
A welcome door mat smiled
The sil shined heaven
Spiced by stars, divine linings
All loud and eminent
Like the fairest clone of Gabriel,
Refined, seasoned
I was already hooked, glued
The darkest secret fell
Hindering my motion
Cloudy snows blur the eye of my heart
Still that love hit me to the core
Giving away just best me
Like a mat woven
Like possessing secrets against each other
Lo, hatred stalked us
And joined her league
On the thread hang she let me
Conscience pegged,
Every meaning meant…
Taps ran dry
In passion and taste
Affection persecuted, hanged
Left for death
Shone over comfort zone
Temperature nolonger cool
Spinning, pepper, roller coaster,
She stared.

Self righteous by law, by faith!
Lasting infatuation!
Then I pushed the door ajar
Groomed grave yard
Identical epitaphs, she gone.
She had another song
Sang and left I sugared me,
Then swallowed pride,
tn[6]Chocked to death!