Free fall into the unknown
For You.
My heart, and relinquish my soul
Best for what life shall bestow
I take a big step into the unknown

Never to look back, for this is true
I wonder what the days will bring,
Never knowing when the phone will ring.
I wait for you to take my heart,
For it seemed from the start.

Tears down my face,
And the scene much clear
Hope in my heart, I wait
Everything miles away
Loneliness right by me

My eyes shut in sleep
Distance keeps us apart
You I hold in my heart
And with sadness I weep

Together we can’t be
Within the stars you I see
Remembering your words I smile
That lessens the miles

In my heart you own a place
Even when you doubt
Promise I be near but out
Till that day you trace
Our hearts belong…

Tell me you know too.