morning glory
Then noon, and dusk
On and on, that music
Relieved their sentimental illusions
Rendered them myopic
Blurred their vision
Murdering the reality left
Yet, still standing…

When the music ceased
In drunk illusions
That coated their impartiality
Melted away the beat
Spaced out, their intention undressed
And snared
Blamed education for inability to think
…life for their failures
Wishing for lenient living
Looking for milk in the wineskin
Inheriting devastation
Then laid Yesterday on a pedestal
And Today on its throne
With verbal lashing
Thrashing their owners….
It was no good
Our future blurred
Clouded by resentment
But it was time
Yet, we owned it

At the sight of dusk
Fears of the world became legit
Met on determination streets
Exchanged pleasures
Spoke one language
I joined them, walked along
Neither of them fit
Diagnosed with illusion
We belonged together
We looked like suspects
Their gait, they were
Their transparent excuses
From AtoZ their dream missing
Then took a vow of silence.
That ruined our mega comfort
Yet, still standing…

No one knew that we were
We never forgot we were
Gave meaning for that struggle
We became complacent
Never conformed to the world
Neither carried the tradition
Realized, keyed in beast mode
Erupted above self pity
Dropped the heart and mind of wrong motives
Immersed in the wilderness
To tame for tomorrow