Once upon a past
A myth arose from the wild
I was in the cast
Boarded and settled on the rollercoaster
Became a norm in my life
Organized chains of emotions
Then I grew up, was chewed up
Then wasted away… it was AIDS.
In sour contest with comfort
It was way late
I made earnest promise to me
Should another day come
I was tested

It came as a mystery
Tethered within walls of morality
Where, how, when, just how
It was never a choice
It stayed with me…

My denial, a peaceful hideout
Locked me for the longest time
My faith suffered
It was short-lived
I drank my heart out
Hope to find sanity at the bottom of the glass
The temptation strengthened me
I withered and frailed
Then they sought me
To them I became a specimen
I was goldmine
I was an outcast
I was their saviour!
Out of poverty, into fame
Into riches, into publicity
They helped though
Something that raised my CD4 count

My happiness stolen from its cradle
Scent of defeat
The tragedy reminded me
Then I asked God to creat me again
That moment changed me
It cost more than a little
Built hope in me, light in the tunnel
It wasn’t a train…
His love, guarantee to my battered life
To last forever and another day
My God, legit.