Dawn time
it’s cock clock
I’m up, to contest with Today
My bed so magnetic
Draining my will
Yet up, I must anyway…

I stretch to loosen my muscles
Ready for the dance
From a chip in my wall
Penetrates friendly golden ray
I step out
To witness the sun make a grand entrance
I watch, from a distance
There comes tomorrow
Its aroma lynching my insight
Energizing my dream
Yet, it’s just today….

They warned, it bright
not fit for my tender eyes
that my amature mind
would not handle
They fed me that.
I asked when – not yet, tomorrow
Then idly wait for their time
They were there before
Yet, they never shy to say…

My shadow grow shorter
My thirst increasing,
The sun is overhead, heating up
Anxiety diluting their advice – wait
My energy spent
Yet unaccounted in every way….

I waited too long,
Today well gone
They deceived me, it was no good
The dew dried at my feet
The heat caught up with me
No energy left, strength withered
Hope sluggishlly trailed
Determination drained
Yet, tomorrow a thought away….

Tomorrow came fast
Hardly noticed
I went down with the sun
It to the horizon
And I to the rock bottom
That, inflated my will
To move fast, up, the only way….

But those who tuned to that morning dance
Kept dancing lame
The morning away…