They have lived in hell; they are not devils; now they want out.


Aug 2013

Talk God to Your Happiness


Everyone has a desire to be happy. Having happiness that is perpetual, never ending and reliable, remains the only essence of a relationship. Happiness comes from friends and not pleasure. It feels sweet to be loved, to be appreciated and to know the joy that comes with loving. But sometimes you feel the thirst for being loved yet this love can not be satisfied by human friendship which, more often has conditions and limits. This, always trash our happiness.
Deep inside your heart, you thirst for someone to be your friend in all seasons for no reason pegged, to be part of your life moment by moment, day by day till nothing do you part. That friend to whom you feel joined by some invisible web, that friend who will never give a reason for deserting you, that friend who only has unconditional love. While all these desires might be overrated, we then cease to have any hope in human being and avert that hope somewhere else. A place with definite assurance that human friend cannot match. It is with God. 
As with any friend whom you would like to relate to, laugh with, touch, speak to like you would your best friend and thank for being part of your life, so it is with God. There is nothing simpler. We can talk to Him any time, any day, through prayer. However making that prayer is sometimes difficult, so that you might want to ask yourself, ‘what do I say to him?’ Just like your friend, whenever it’s not easy to talk, there could be tension, a problem, that’s creating that barrier between you. Nothing comes easy as talking to the one you love, the one you adore. Even without words you can always be the most comfortable person in your friends’ presence. 
Therefore, why would prayer be that difficult? It is because we do not know how to love, how to let our heart free, to be occupied by our friend, God. To find true friendship with others, we have to let go of our little ego and give it to them, to find their happiness first and that, be our happiness. 
Apparently, when it’s difficult with friends, it will never be easy with God. But God gives us a great gift whenever we are willing to empty our hearts. So that He can fill it with His SPIRIT. The spirit then lives in us and little by little teaches us to love, to give ourselves over and merry in his friendship. This only happens when we are ready to be happy, to let go and let God.

Four Figure Love


Like the dew on grass that has its time,
So is love
Like the weaver birds
Morning gay dance
Tweeting away their affection
So is love
Like southern wind that caresses the morning lillies
So is love
Like the toddlers peck on the cats furry cheeks
So is love
Like mama’s tits that the baby believes in
So is love
Like the sea breeze
Gently swaying away the blue waters
So is love
Like the amber rays of the sun in early evening cutting through the horizon
So is love
Like the smooth dough
Ready for a nuptial cake
So is love
Like the visible mountain whose peak hugs the clouds
So is love
Like the tender lettuce awaiting harvest
So is love
Like uncertain tomorrow with ifs yet comes
So is love
Like the rose whose fierce thorns claw below its sweet petals
So is love…
Smooth, fine, spins you round and round
Like a lift, then roller coaster,  nauseatic…!
Then with a bang!
Slamps you down!

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