They have lived in hell; they are not devils; now they want out.


Jul 2013

Valid Twin Sensation?


They raided my heart
then left
She smiled, sweet
He caressed, smooth
Their planed moves
Scored high, won
Reason beyond, afar
His exit identical to entrance
Hers nostalgic.

I stood and waited
My kinetic affection to halt
Watched you ungrade my love

I searched her eyes
Met with her emotionless countenance
That placed me between doubt and retreat
The pain not enough
Pain that crucified and ripped off the only affection left
I tired,
To show my perpetual love
Then I got tired,
That affection withered
When my arms still wide apart
Despair squeezed my heart dry
My heart bled tears
And blood of resignation
I turned to walk back
To forget, to shake
Then she called…
And he called…
I trembled, heart race
I turned to glimpes
And there she stood
He stood, smirk
Her open arms, I took her back…

she took me in
to make one last raid
i felt it, its weight
her indifference loud
His gaze on the haha
wronged by life
offended by karma
now paying for what was not
her last love auctioned
Before the late sanity…

Raptured Love


That feeling
Was even tempered,
We could be friends
I knew,
She hated me, then
Excited about that existance
We took a vow of silence.

That ruinned my mini happiness
Spoke the native language of love
He never understood
He kept another turn
The devil knew him
And I did spot him
From his cronies

He never noticed
He was astonished.

Never expected anything fresh,
I filed the first divorce with fear
Then with his patronage
I cared little, and I got him
He caught feelings
His temper racing
I became complacent
Then comfort followed
Drew up my tinted shades
Crossed my arms, legs too
With a smirk, watched
Then watched, and watched

The fire never went off
His attitude became valid
zero seconds for apology.

His only asset, recycled
He advised himself
It was the wrong way
From that distance
I rounded it off
To its nearest response
Indifference came first
Then hatred followed
His mini love could not withstand
That tested his flesh
He couldn’t have trusted
Then I set me free
Closed my arms
Pressed hard my ailing heart
It was artificial affection

Boom! my rock bottom.

Then made it easy
Narrated my taled love
He saw it
Claimed it in bronze age myth
I didn’t bark back, I knew
It was between love and
Fundamental belief.
The former was preference
‘To be right, to be in love’
I expecting to die upon arrival
I survived to tale…

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Love Then; Now Love


I trippled over
But didn’t fall
The load was too large
And the weight too much
It was ours

Those forces that came
Too much for me
We could
All the while
I wanted to look back
I did not, I thought us
Hoped for tomorrow
It was ours.

You listened to them
So much you feared us
Too much you mind them
So much and I waited
And hoped
For you promised this love
It would be ours.

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