If you had to rearrange these words in some order that pleases you, then most of us would put sex first then may be marriage and love last. It is easier much to say this than do. Fundamentally, it is always true that love comes first, then marriage and lastly sex! But how do you decide which one comes first? Are there norms that you rely on or is it just a personal desire that as to be your way? The order might vary from one culture to another, however the basis of all the three rely on individuals belief.
In the contemporary world, marriage often comes last of all. The genesis of all these being love. Love is often used to mean many different things; liking someone or something, affection, friendship, self-sacrficing (agape)…. But all these are different from that love we always refer to when we say we have ‘fallen in love’. This love is irrational. It is love that does not rely on anything, it is unconditional. It displays some form of maturity, puts the other person first and treats them with care and respect. Such love would invite deep emotional feelings that goes beyond physical pleasures. It is progressive, has intense level of arousal and commitment. Only at this point do we always talk of genuine marriage that lasts. When two people love each other, sex is the only way they become one and this must only exist within marriage. When two people want to express their love in daily life with social approval and support, they get married. Sex then becomes legal and easier for them; it shows love.
What does the bible teach about sex, love and marriage? First we must know that sex is only happens between a husbamd and a wife therefore it comes after marriage.
In the world of marriage today there is sex inside and outside marriage. The norms have become too liberal and face challenges from victims who are barely in their youth. Why is it not easy to find a virgin at marriage? The society is too lean and is watching from a distance these know it all teens who do not care about the norms. We now belong to a society that loses its morals and then waits for karma to act. Whatever happened to the moral coaching within families on acceptable societal behaviour? We got to get on toes, set things right and look upon the holy books as our personal constitutions to shape our lives and those of the generations to come. Procede.

Ref. Deutronomy 5:18, 22: 12-21, Pro 7: 6-27, Mat 5: 27-28, Rom 1:26-27 Gen 2: 18-24, Mat 19: 3-6;

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