They have lived in hell; they are not devils; now they want out.


May 2013


Dawn of Gender Equality and Womens Empowerment


In African society, women are naturally conceived as second to men in their roles, ideology, place and responsibilities. This deep rooted conception is the basis of the inequality even in the mordern Africa.
However, by breaking such barriers we are opening an outlet to active resources that would assuredly lead to the achievement of our targeted development goals. Girls and women must be enlightened and empowered to outwit such retrogressive ideologies and intended challenges that hinder the development meant for the community by them. This can only happen best through education.
We can never be able to achieve any development of any sort by sidelining some members f the community. By promoting the fact that women are misrepresented or are never represented in the social, political and economical scenes is endangering them.
With the available resources, commitment and the voice, we are able to break through these barriers that hinder development in communities where women are deprived of chances and opportunities to showcase.
If we can identify these barriers from the grassroots and break them to the main stream of development in the near future starting from the basic root, the household. To prioritise the importance of equality not for superiority but for the benefit of the family, community and society at large is the sole genesis of development.

There is a steady statistic that most girls who do not get exposed to education tend to make unintelligent decision i.e of getting into marriage earlier than necessary. It is their limited exposure to relevancy that disables their understand of importance of education.
Poverty and ignorance tend to prompt little young girls into marriage as a form of refuge. Once in those failed marriages they are given a second voice which is neither authentic or recognised. Yet they labour so much in those families they set up and resign to no choices but be perpetual mothers. Nevertheles, girls who grow up in such families also do identify with any good side of education.

We ought to consider women as our priority and chance to development. For any of these goals to be achieved, the responsibility in the social, political and economical setups must be gender intergrated beginning from the household. This is to encourage variable options for good development way-forwards.

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