Education is such a basic need in the contemporary society. Basic literacy and numeracy are important skills without further tertiary education, for the job market opportunities.
Education being a global link to all universe, has become an essential tool for change in decision making, planning, and implementing ideologies that are bound to impact for better life in global world.

Education neutralizes, globally how people think about new ideas and how they utilize these thoughts for a better tomorrow.

The policies and initiatives developed and implemented in my country to address skills development is the creation of youth polytechnic. Here, the youth who do not get the chance or opportunity to go to tertiary or secondary institution get to acquire skills that prepare and equip them for the job market or entrepreneurial adventures or take offs.
These initiatives have helped the youth. However, they do not lead to white collar jobs therefore are not popular.

The challenges and main obstacles caused due to lack of skills training young men and women are massive number of unemployment. Mostly the youth who do not have anything to do therefore engage in unlawful activities.

However, by promptly engaging  the youth and occupying them, equipping them with skills  that would readily lead them towards the job market, business strategies and entrepreneurial beginnings would help a great deal.

Youth funded vocational trainings that introduces and popularize the blue collar jobs and creating jobs on the their own.