Learning begins from listening. Listening to new things and ideas then experimenting and putting into practice. For this to succede, it needs safe and friendly environment. Such would give the learner space to experiment, experience, aspire and boldly find out. It gives them the courage to be creative without fear of reprimand for wrong doing or mistake.

The process of learning is a lifetime expedition which changes wit every era, age and season. To retain the memory, for a considerable span of time, we need to see the authenticity of the outcome of a learning period. It is all about appropriate and suitable methodology and good use of the available resources.

Active learning involves learner understanding problem solving techniques, putting them into practice and critical thinking. Learning is cultural and is connected to real life situations. Children easily learn what they can easily relate to and identify with. Things that ignite and sustain their thinking process. However, this is rare in todays learners. The today learner can not think critically and is bound to rely on external solutions for opinion and decision. They can not make inferences and therefore can not form opinions supported by facts. Effect from too much video game and no field work derails creativity. The learners do not want to put their brain to task. They can not come up with discovery methods to add quality information. There are exceptions, though, God given gifts. And with sitting on the couch, video game, internet and etc etc somehow would detteroriate such situation. Learning has become short term memory.