Learns who are gifted and talented are all over, But sometimes we fail to identify them, therefore wasting them. Their gifted and talented however discovers from the evaluation of cognitive and psychomotor activities they are given by their teacher. In the cognitive domain, the giftedness of the learners are established by their excellent performance on academic tasks and also the degree of leadership abilities.Teachers see them as bright based on their high level of intelligentce. On the othervg hand learners who are talented display exceptional performance in psychomotor domain, for example, they may perform exceptionally well in areas such as music, fine arts, dancing, singing, athletics, sports, games and craft printed tasks.
Gifted and talented learners are characterised by productive thinning abilities which put them in good state among peers. They are capable of persuading them on particular direction. They possess social and political attributes, liked by peer and accompanied with their charismatic nature are easily listened to by mates. This sometimes may make soon school administrators and teachers be in conflict with them especially when there is tension between learners and school.
Given academic tasks in a learning environment, these learners complete their academic tasks assignment a faster than their maters and require a teachers with good planning to design adequate activities within the cognitive ability of these learners to sustain their interest within the span that the test of the activity may last, otherwise these learners may be bored and turn to disruptive behaviour for attention. Teachers who lack the skill to manage such learners in a classroom situation may find them bother and may not relate real with them. Some teachers may also feel uncomfortable working with the gifted and talented who with their exceptional ability might challenge them with tasks they can not handle.
Lack of challenging tasks on learning environment often frustrates gifted and talented learners and may react to the situation in many ways such as withdrawal, aggression, truancy and may develop dislike for school eventually drop out off school.
Specific education programs for the gifted and talented may be lacking in Africa the education specialistd in various settings have one time or another designed programs that independently cater for the most academically able. Mostly there’s is never official policy on the education of the gifted and talented. Unfortunately, most teachers, general education are not provided with the necessary understanding, skills and resources to deal appropriately with the gifted.
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