I saw her watching me
I blinked, she did
I raised my hand to touch her
My hands went through
Into thy space
I sought her again
Right there looking at me
‘Why then?’ I asked
She never replied

In that mirror
The three of us now
Blinking when we blink
Smiling when we smiled
Frowning when we frowned
I reached for her again
My hand waved through
I smiled, they did
Then I touched the mirror
There she was
Touching me
Holding me where not
I tried to feel her
But I felt me
I turned, she too turned
Confusion overcame me
I touched the mirror again
I touched her
She beckoned, she hushed
Aghast, persistent beckon
I lifted my leg forward
I advanced towards her
She moved back, I pursued
Right before the mirror
That vacuum, felt her grip
Tight and tense
I pulled myself stable
Then stare, long one
Amidst nothing.
I looked up
For the longest time