I ceased being earths subscriber
Insured my heart to a source
On carpentered tree
Stared; believed; free
Love be the reason
Skeptical, He would con out my soul
Aint funny.
Then gave it all,
My chore, just believe.
Call Him anything
Everything I can.

Lllies of the valley said ‘We’ll glow in lieu’
The sun, ‘I’ll be back every morning’
Moon assured, ‘I’m sun in your darkness’
The road promised, I may be rough but I’ll lead you on’
Those birds merried, ‘Morning glory every dawn time, we praise’

Then I sat,
Then rounded all off to the nearest images:

He is that mother right spanking and left embracing you

He is that friend who deposits love in you for nothing back

He is that stranger’s support with right hand and broad smile

He sits in the cloud
granting wishes,

Thats just how my faith handle todays tribulatuons

God ~ the happy things in life.
He is Love.