Greater was every company
Did merry with pride
Dined with arrogance
Slept with satisfaction
But sunrise
Came with misery
Clothed considerably!

In lone wickedness
Then veteran parasite.
Leech of the heart & soul
Snorting out the treasure of the soul
Crumpling the temple
Place deem holy

Void… Vacuum… Emptiness!

‘Through open door
He would come’
So they asserted
Reference, the Book.
Mine gaping wide
And standing by
In wait, to beckon
And welcome Him
Into the void, vacuum.

Immesurable grace!
Generous to a fault
Hope standing tall
Towering over inadequacy
Above my inequity

On and on
Vigillant expectation
To witness, to realize
Delay of dawning morning
To see Him here before break of day
‘Wish overated!’
Thought in flesh.

He did come
Yet no space to shelter,
To sit nor to stand
Too busy
Busy with today’s hump
Yestererday’s luggage
And endless fantasy

Wished again
Focus above
Considered Your faithfulness,
Your love from a distance
Every glance up
Time to time
Perpetual attention
Everlasting hope.

That promise
In You no condemnation
Whom walk in Spirit not flesh
Then Spirit and word,
The only heritage,
The only Lifestyle
In the walk,
Conscious with the promise made.
Then their gossip punching me breathless.
All at the cross.
Cancelling ma desire for trespass.
Into open arms ye trespassers.
indifferent ‘brothers’ ‘sisters’ in Christ
Own severe attitude to be nursed
Over to you.