Once upon a feeling
The identified two
Cruising down love slope
With no bumps nor humps
No any iceberg nor nausea
At super speed
Like a roller coaster
Destination came fast
All in a jerky ending
We had to change course
But all had to go on
Amidst the seastorm
Rocking our stability side to side
A new turn altogether

The voyage grew to turmoil
Strides never came easy
Spiced with falling
Bruises here and here
On and on just forged
Palm interlocked in intended harmony
As I tow right behind
In faith of the lead

Then it did strike
For the second time
But you couldn’t take it
No, not any more
Then you let go
And duck for dear life
From the unknown
Endurance in your far distance

I kept on back
Amassed in the itching wound
Neither equiped for such contest
That lasted an eternity
The scar now very visible
Still my feet itch thatward
Their indescrete noise
Bounce on my lobes
My heart, the sacrificial lamb
On their altar of love
Then their chants of pity,
then their random rage
Never stopped my wide ambitions
Towards the evident destination.