Another dawn time
Birds chirping joyously
My casual friends
Morning dew, a norm to my bare sole
No news to my soul
Over and over
In a decade and quarter
A perfect bread winner
Peers have no idea
They know how to be children
Point to the moon
Paint the sky yellow
Get dirty playing ping pong
Ask about the butterfly
All I remember
Little sister need to eat, some affection for little brother
All I hear from their frail voices
‘Big brother,
Will we eat today, will we drink?’ Big brother indeed
ln this contest
And another
‘No flour, no water, no no, no nothing
And little brother
Only gets dirty hunting
Hunting for daily bread
School can just be
But little brother and little sister
Huddle together in company,
As they wait for my return
With mamma and papa
In their peaceful hide out, the graveyard

Near harvest time
Chasing the early birds
That won’t let us have our daily bread
Morning and evening
I plan like mamma and papa would
Hope still my sky
Determination my tread twirl
Trail of patience overcome by hope
Should another dawn come
Always have my voice of innocence.