Glory to glory no game good,
Grace to grass nature has it,
Common too, to tom, to dick, to harry,

Rewards of life
With opportunities to change,
Change that respects the dictates of nature.
Plea for wishing alot of things
That left the heart hurting
Came with a spell
Then evolved each day
Things beyond control
Attack and flee!

Traces of you in their trail
Your creations veteraned in them nuckles
Prowess from you curved,
‘I won’t do what it did’

Yet tormented soul each new day,
From God reasons why
Only complicated
Invisible answers in the dead end.

Then sweetheart and sweethurt!
Those tears brought hope from the summit,
Umpteenth time
Darkest hour reccured
Another bang of pain
While dawn beckons
Evasively waves from a distance
But Light never bends.