They have lived in hell; they are not devils; now they want out.


Jul 2012

For You

Glory to glory no game good,
Grace to grass nature has it,
Common too, to tom, to dick, to harry,

Rewards of life
With opportunities to change,
Change that respects the dictates of nature.
Plea for wishing alot of things
That left the heart hurting
Came with a spell
Then evolved each day
Things beyond control
Attack and flee!

Traces of you in their trail
Your creations veteraned in them nuckles
Prowess from you curved,
‘I won’t do what it did’

Yet tormented soul each new day,
From God reasons why
Only complicated
Invisible answers in the dead end.

Then sweetheart and sweethurt!
Those tears brought hope from the summit,
Umpteenth time
Darkest hour reccured
Another bang of pain
While dawn beckons
Evasively waves from a distance
But Light never bends.

Happiness and Happiness

From probable statistics, it is evident that there is no human being wishing for sadness. Everyone wants to be happy and will always work hard towards happiness.

But what purtubs me is the manner in which people seek happiness and the outcome of the expedition. In their quest, they truimph over both the innocent and the guilty souls altogether to get what they want. Yet, their quest is never quenched. However, such decisions might as well conclude that ‘happiness’ is relative and lies in the hands of the seeker.

However, Albert Camus’ words that,

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”

verify my doubt of the existance of this sought happiness.

To begin with, what is happiness? When do you experience happiness? Is it a state of mind or just a feet? That once you reach a certain level or place there would be guaranteed happiness. Or you can just decide that since you can not reach that feet, you would nevertheless be happy. If it is a state of mind then Abraham Lincoln might as well be right in his own words that,

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Are there things that we must do to get happiness? That desire to be happy might drive us towards ‘attain’ in the hope that there is happiness. But yet again there are scores who have what they’ve been seeking yet are not happy.

Take for instance the single man from whose perspective, happiness is in marriage or the married woman whose happiness is freedom and independence. What happens when he marries or when she gets her freedom?
There would be quest for something else. Therefore it only takes me back to what Alberts words imply that, we can never succeed in the search of happiness. The question still is, what is happiness and when does it come if we can not chase it.

Does love bring happiness to us? If this is true then all those in love would never have heartbreaks, unless heartbreak is an element of happiness. If success brings happiness then all the rich men would be very comfortable. If marriage brings happiness then there wouldn’t be divorce and separation.

To many people happiness means different things. Things that can be made or bought, those that can be achieved or just wished in and those that are imposed. Suppose our happiness depended on what we want, rather than what we do, then everyone would be happy. And having would be the essence of happiness.

Just like day and night so is happiness and grief. There is a time for everything as King Solomon says in Ecclesiastes 3:1-10. And then selectively verse 11, ‘He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also set eternity in their heart, yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end…’ Therefore, even with or without our own efforts, there is bound to be happiness and its time shall certainly come.

That Love Never Drains

Dawn seemed so far away
Night kept close to my bossom
Breathing wasn’t easy anyway
Glad He paid the ransom

No one in the near distance
To reach for and lean on
Snap, just this instance
Glance up and He says hang on

Close and closer must love this
Night ceases, dawn right here
At the bossom, love, now His
Chirping birds everywhere truimph no fear

Then comes the beach sun and sand
Just me and You, but one trail
High He lifts me, strong I stand
In Your abundant grace and love I sail

Free and ransomed by His love.

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