Forgiveness is a virtue and a virtue is its own reward. Holding on to unforgiveness and resentment as I came to learn is a load the bearer suffers from its weight for a long time. Or thinking otherwise or acting otherwise would lessen the days of the bearers’ life.

Before forgiveness, comes truth, and with the truth in every rightful mind there is always justice. However truth once revealed always blow a calming wind that will always involuntarily invite forgiveness anytime for any humane being.

Sometimes justice segregates individuals and limits one from grouping him/herself with some ‘class’ who lock themselves in their own world and others out. They always run out of patience for forgiveness even when there is no emergency. They use their day’s quota of patience on things that do not matter. Always handling things with a touch of unnecessary pride, it costs a lot.

Love spells forgiveness. Just as a river flows so is love, you can never stand on its way; no amount of obstacle will stop it, because it will soon overwhelm and find its own way. It has to have its own way. It is stronger than anyone. No one can beat love. Therefore, with humaneness as a virtue, nobody could disable the process of forgiveness.

Forgiveness, the only reason God paid the ransom for me and for you so that we are made whole again.