The nostalgic aroma here                                                                                                      The sickening stench there                                                                                                           And confusion in equator
Unfolding affection and adoration
Indebted to humanity, thought,
That, to yearn with years chosen to be
Never existed per se
Rather else, on second earth

”Beckon me dear
Wherever you are
I won’t take long”
Welcome all preliminaries
To stir back the course
Loving this since gimmick days
When yours resembled mine
And ours was one

Just you and us only.

Oh this holy violence that has kept me
While my boundary sieve protection
I wait for us and we start all over
Right here not there
Where just intellect survive through
Will o’ the wisp
Keeping Faith at arm’s length
For tomorrow is very strange
Though even with death and back
Would still be a quality
Corpse of the only legal possession.
All machismo never to protect or to defend
But this isn’t a man’s thing,

Rummaging imaginations of all intellectuals
Desires of barren quest
Spiced and never liked
This time made too real
And organized just to thrill

It must have been Calvary
But how without crucifixion
Or well, or not yet.
That hurricane from the winter desert
And that whirlwind from the summer sea
Why not admit once and for ill
Just in love with what isn’t
Where, how, what,
Oh why?
Those that arrest a hundred percent
A feat not just for any ape
They want to sprinkle sauce on you
You and condiment and devour you raw
‘Recommended graphical exploration,’ they say,
‘The one God created on Monday’
A malignant social cancer.
Only conscious obstruction can save.

Oh hail the angels within
And scale a balance
To roar and surge the spirits back
That once stricken with fear, unknown
Always enduring and never-ending
But not yet, yet no needs met
Now I take my stance to supper merrily
The cud
For that hiccupped back.

If I were angel
Meet me at your gate
Is it here where it is?