i killed my shadow
it came after me
thee this thee that,
the sun its ally
both memory,reminded
every and all the time

at dawn i awake and head on
to meet the sun
just with me,
trail too close behind
this shadow!

on and on i went
shunning distraction
never looked back or noticed
“i’m right behind you,”
awake again,now real.

at noon
i stump on it
then elusive
so i run,
alas! wrong direction
three sixty degrees
another run after the sun,
golden, sweet ambience,
atraction but far away
in the horizon

right behind
the shadow again
next destination,
the hunter deflated and limp,
the hunted too far, alluring
and tempting,

at dusk right ahead
shouting and waiting and waving
“see me?” “wont see me?”
running with haste
to blur that ambition,
eyes for the horizon
to find the sun,

then at dusk
i turn to go back
and start another day
for an easier tommorrow

i kill my shadow
never to rise again,
if tommorrow comes.