They have lived in hell; they are not devils; now they want out.


Feb 2012

Camouflage friends


Different people come in and out of our lives. There are those who touch our lives in with indelible affection; ways we live to remember. They become pillars that hold us firm in times of storm. They are what we bounce back to in the midst of a hurricane and hung on to. They are friends.

However, there is another breed, who use the same name, friend. They get into your life and quit when they wish. They come along with their yard sticks, which you have to measure up to, otherwise they quit. They come with set mind of what they want from you and if they don’t get, they make you useless. Their attitude and wants define your place in their life. They call themselves friends.

Our actions, attitude and feelings define friendship, and not the other way round. Friendship takes  us through every aspect of life; in storm and in calm, in rainy days and sunny days, in sickness and in health, and goes beyond death!

In friendship, you don’t get trapped in shackles of commitments. However, you set yourself free and easy. You make easy promises to yourself, that they help you break. They will show you a lot of things you don’t know about yourself without any attitude. This always tighten the bond between you. They don’t know how to back stab! They realize your worth and the role you play in their lives. That is what they hold onto. They don’t allow you to prove or expect you to prove your worth, because in friendship you just be.

A great friend will read through you, tell your feelings and live with them. They believe that the glamour in you will last forever and that makes them want to be with you everyday. They make irrational decisions and to you there can’t be any better way. They are in extinct!

Guilty as charged!

i killed my shadow
it came after me
thee this thee that,
the sun its ally
both memory,reminded
every and all the time

at dawn i awake and head on
to meet the sun
just with me,
trail too close behind
this shadow!

on and on i went
shunning distraction
never looked back or noticed
“i’m right behind you,”
awake again,now real.

at noon
i stump on it
then elusive
so i run,
alas! wrong direction
three sixty degrees
another run after the sun,
golden, sweet ambience,
atraction but far away
in the horizon

right behind
the shadow again
next destination,
the hunter deflated and limp,
the hunted too far, alluring
and tempting,

at dusk right ahead
shouting and waiting and waving
“see me?” “wont see me?”
running with haste
to blur that ambition,
eyes for the horizon
to find the sun,

then at dusk
i turn to go back
and start another day
for an easier tommorrow

i kill my shadow
never to rise again,
if tommorrow comes.

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