Learning takes place anywhere and everywhere. If I say I have to go to school just to learn, then I am damn wrong. If you think I am wrong then you are damn wrong.

There are a lot of useless things I learned in school that has never and will never be of help to anyone.  I have done a lot f things, performed many tasks that I didn’t learn in school. People can do many things they never knew even though they don’t go to school to know how to, so to speak.

People should go to school to mature, grow up, socialize and gain experience from the society, i.e. the school in relevant areas they want to be part of in the future. Suppose you want to become a Although learning comes in stages, it has just to be informal. What I mean by this is that I don’t have to go to school, sit in a class and listen to a teacher each me Pythagoras theorem to become a doctor. I learn only what I need when I need it.

Imagine going to school to know how to laugh, feel or react. Learning to be an engineer yet I have to read history books, know verb tense, types of fertilizers… Learning how to have intuitions!

May be these are just some extremes.