Late last week, a group of ten morans stormed into a girls’ school with a mission of looking for ‘wives’. That this is how they do it? Some news!

As much as a people would want to carry their culture into the modern days, it is only fair to keep up with the current culture. The culture that accommodates the fast growing cosmopolitan  society. For a group of rowdy young energetic men in the name of morans, , pull a stunt like storming in a girls’ school to look for wives is unimaginable. These are men who can be resourcefully used to up the economy of the country.

Culture is simply how someone lives and is connected to history by habit. (Imamu Amiri Baraka)

Erasing such kind of mentality from the so called morans is the only solution. To let them know, understand, accept and live with the fact that time changes and we too should change with it.  

The morans I believe have a code of conduct that should be followed. In addition, the Section 14 of the Children’s Act of 2001, states: “No person shall subject a child to female circumcision, early marriage or other cultural rites.” I believe the girls are children.

Will the law surpass the so called culture?