They have lived in hell; they are not devils; now they want out.


November 2011

world AIDS day is here

Almost three decades ago some scientists confirmed the existence of AIDS. I would call it a disease, a problem and stigma that has polarized the human race to date. As the world marks the World AIDS Day every 1st of December, the human race commemorates the events of this day.
Every one of us is infected and affected by this pandemonium in one way or another. Either close or too close. You and I should therefore realize in time that we are part of mankind and as we give to the world so the world is giving back to us.
With the increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS, a number of people are getting involved in this fight against AIDS. By respecting our culture and embracing a lifestyle that befits our social mores, we can easily define our safety by living within the boundaries of morality.
These people are part of us. They are our family, our friends, our workmates and neighbors. For anyone to overcome this problem, we have to think smart, talk, and share; a problem shared is half solved, so to speak contemporize the weapons to fight this war and let go and let God. I have no doubt about God.
I consider myself the noblest work of God, everyone else does. A reason for every human being on the face of earth to encourage, love, care for and receive affection, mind ourselves, our way of life and attitude. For this day, consider yourself one, even if you have some doubt.


A people need legends her…

A people need legends heroes, myths. Deny them this and you have won half the battle against them. (John Oliver Killen)

my soul bearer went with the wind

I gave you the sun

You said it was too hot

I withdrew and took it back

You froze and accused

I wanted to hear you speak

But you kept mum

I burned inside

Then I spoke,

You said, I was too loud

I kept mum, you complained

And protested,

And made noise,

And then accused

Then you went away

Leaving me in the cold

Shivering the loneliness away

I shouted, and screamed

My voice echoed past you

The stranger heard

The stranger came

We merried my sorrows to end

You turned your back and left.

squandered affection


This stranger I saw then met

Charm and warmth, my arms I let

Many sunny days stranger shared

Of wild friendship I not scared,


My friend I gave my heart

My friend made it hurt

To the jungle my friend flee

Sad and alone again I be


Stranger, from where did thou come

My heart,  my soul you did harm

For now my heart with a hole

I give God to make it whole


what if the earth stopped rotating?

And now

Waking up from illusion

To the realization that never was

Living in this part of the world

Not possible

But with the memory

In the cold

For the fires of passion have gone off

Whatever happened to those promises?

Of forever love

Undoing your love, forever was too long

Pained by the lost

Of whatever was mine



if only wishes were horses…

rain rain come my way

wash down uncertainty off my forehead

will-o-the-whips i cant obey

beaten path meet me ahead

I’ll stab you off my tummy

if i miss? but it’s you i need

in that door you stand a dummy

however, otherwise always needed.

Why did I ever go to school anyway?

Learning takes place anywhere and everywhere. If I say I have to go to school just to learn, then I am damn wrong. If you think I am wrong then you are damn wrong.

There are a lot of useless things I learned in school that has never and will never be of help to anyone.  I have done a lot f things, performed many tasks that I didn’t learn in school. People can do many things they never knew even though they don’t go to school to know how to, so to speak.

People should go to school to mature, grow up, socialize and gain experience from the society, i.e. the school in relevant areas they want to be part of in the future. Suppose you want to become a Although learning comes in stages, it has just to be informal. What I mean by this is that I don’t have to go to school, sit in a class and listen to a teacher each me Pythagoras theorem to become a doctor. I learn only what I need when I need it.

Imagine going to school to know how to laugh, feel or react. Learning to be an engineer yet I have to read history books, know verb tense, types of fertilizers… Learning how to have intuitions!

May be these are just some extremes.

this sunday

remember to give God thanks.

God bless you.

Love yourself and I’ll love you too


There is an old saying that worry is often the cause of illness. The various diseases that you suffer from might have been caused by too much worrying. How you deals with your state of mind is responsible for any illness that visits your body. If you want to spend your time whining about a friend that did this or that, suit yourself. Before you know it you will be wrinkled down by worrying, carrying loads that are too heavy for you.

This is the reason laughter is a medicine for the heart soul and mind. If you can have bouts of laughter from a friend relative or a situation then just do it. Whenever you engage your mind to active thoughts and actions, you can actually stay young as long as you live.


there wasn’t any sense of honor

This and every other

Minute, I give my heart

To you and on further

Promise me you won’t hurt

I live here and again

Leave here to go

My heart without pain

You have just let it be so

When tomorrow comes

There forever you’ll always

Be but cherish your arms

Now and another tomorrow always.

where are you now…

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you have our wives!

Late last week, a group of ten morans stormed into a girls’ school with a mission of looking for ‘wives’. That this is how they do it? Some news!

As much as a people would want to carry their culture into the modern days, it is only fair to keep up with the current culture. The culture that accommodates the fast growing cosmopolitan  society. For a group of rowdy young energetic men in the name of morans, , pull a stunt like storming in a girls’ school to look for wives is unimaginable. These are men who can be resourcefully used to up the economy of the country.

Culture is simply how someone lives and is connected to history by habit. (Imamu Amiri Baraka)

Erasing such kind of mentality from the so called morans is the only solution. To let them know, understand, accept and live with the fact that time changes and we too should change with it.  

The morans I believe have a code of conduct that should be followed. In addition, the Section 14 of the Children’s Act of 2001, states: “No person shall subject a child to female circumcision, early marriage or other cultural rites.” I believe the girls are children.

Will the law surpass the so called culture?

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